Luke Rankin advocates for his client over wrongful death claim. $10 million settlement received

Luke Rankin successfully won his client a multi-million settlement for a wrongful death case. On July 25, 2019, a 29-year-old man and a 35-year-old man were performing routine road work and repairs when the defendant, who was driving in excess of 50 miles per hour, failed to reduce speed in a road construction zone and ran over both plaintiffs. As a result of the collision, the plaintiffs suffered substantial and severe body trauma that subsequently led to their deaths.

It was confirmed that the 2019 multi-vehicle collision caused the death of the two plaintiffs due to the runaway truck. Rankin’s team proved that fault was due to the truck’s braking issues from a pushrod that had been dethatched for some time, and due to the driver’s inattention. The post-wreck inspection proved the truck was unfit for use. Additionally, an electronic control module recorded a braking attempt that did not stop the truck.